Sharing Visions: MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin presents itself at Infinity Festival Los Angeles

Los Angeles and Berlin, cities connected by a long partnership, share a passion for good stories and innovative technologies. Keeping with this tradition, MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin presented itself at Infinity Festival in Los Angeles on 8 November. In two sessions, immersive storytelling formats were discussed using projects from the capital region. The Infinity Festival unites creative innovators from Silicon Valley and leading film makers from Hollywood.

This cooperation serves to further develop German-American business relations, after all both locations face similar challenges in the media industry’s transformation process.

Helge Jürgens, Medienboard managing director for new media funding: “We are very happy to cooperate with Infinity Festival Los Angeles! The direct insight into the industry and the valuable contacts from L.A. are an important impulse provider for conferences such as MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin!”

Two panels within Infinity Festival’s IMMERSIVE track were curated in cooperation with MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin: “The Power of Volumetric Experiences” and “Lets Talk Europe – New Tech for Changing Perspectives & Perceptions”.

About Infinity Festival Los Angeles:
The Infinity Festival is taking place in Los Angeles for the second time in 2019. Its unique aspect is the connection of the topics “new technologies” and “storytelling” and thus of the two American media locations Silicon Valley (San Francisco) and Hollywood (Los Angeles). In 2019, the festival’s headline is “Story Advanced by Technology!” and emphasises the four key technologies 5G, artificial intelligence, blockchain and immersive.